At RevEx, we focus on modernizing your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) through simplicity and collaboration. We believe in streamlining the complete healthcare billing experience, empowering our clients to achieve greater productivity.


  • Reduce healthcare costs by building better communication.
  • Provide flawless coordination and customized service.
  • Offer unique solutions to manage today’s pharmacy benefits challenges.

A Suite of Solutions that Delivers

We believe healthcare needs to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology, and the best way to do that is to upgrade the financial journey of medical care. We’ve put together our elite team and have created a suite of solutions that will change the way healthcare is billed and paid for.


We have an experienced team that brings in-depth knowledge of the product across all fields of RCM.


Our certified  coders have spent years honing their coding skills and augmenting their knowledge.


Our certified professional biller is always up-to-date on data and ensures claims are accurate.


Our payment posting team is responsible for payment and denial posting and sharing trends with the AR team for further action.


Our skilled AR team is proficient in RCM, and individuals are provided with detailed RCM training at the time of joining.


We follow the principles of Denial Management and Prevention and analyze the denial across numerous parameters.

RevEx solutions are scalable,
cost-effective and customized
to your unique business goals.

Clean Claim Submission Ratio for Billing

First-time Resolution

Claims Denial

Driven by Purpose

At RevEx, we are committed to bringing in greater levels of efficiency in the healthcare market by optimizing technology to deliver superior claims processing solutions that meet your needs for effectiveness, speed and cost-management.

Studies show that most denials in the RCM process occur due to incorrect coding and eligibility verification. We apply robust coding and eligibility verification to prevent denials.

We Seek to Inspire

Our vision is to work towards enabling a superior healthcare financial experience for all by creating an improved healthcare system that will empower all people.

We have partnered with XX payers, XX clinicians, and XX health plan members to enable a seamless healthcare transaction experience for all.

Meet Our Experts

The executive team at RevEx consists of industry veterans and leaders with years of relevant industry knowledge and expertise.

Brij Sharma

Tilak Sharma
President & CEO

Rob Davey
Executive Director

Alpana Sharma
Chief Technology Officer

Partha Bose
Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Maynard
Chief Marketing Officer


Contact us if you wish to understand how you too can improve patient experience, streamline operational efficiency and increase bottom-line results.