In today’s healthcare landscape, the patient experience is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. From online transactions to a clinic visit, the quality of the patient experience is everything. The following statistics underscore the significance of a positive (or negative) patient experience in your burgeoning practice.

A High Level of Patient Dissatisfaction

Based on data presented by Prophet in their study titled “The Present Condition of Patient Care,” an astonishing 81% of patients are displeased with their healthcare experience. Interestingly, the less they interact with the healthcare system, the greater their satisfaction.

Healthcare Providers May Be Underperforming

Despite many healthcare providers prioritizing patient experience, their efforts may not be hitting the mark in the eyes of their patients. Prophet’s research shows that while 63% of healthcare organizations feel they are providing an excellent customer service experience, only 43% of patients concur.

Patient Experience Isn’t a Top Priority for Many Healthcare Organizations

A report by Kaufman Hall reveals that a mere 8% of healthcare centers deem patient expectations and experience a top priority. This includes the successful implementation of consumer-focused strategies to enhance the quality of care.

Superior Patient Experiences Can Boost Revenues

Healthcare organizations providing superior patient experiences see 4-8% higher revenues than their market average. This is because a positive experience is directly linked to repeat visits. As per an Accenture study, 51% of patients would willingly switch to another provider for better service.

Patients Can Easily Switch to a Competitor

Indeed, 44% of consumers declare they would switch to a competitor following a poor experience. The same Accenture study reveals that 61% would change healthcare providers for quicker appointment scheduling, and 52% would do so for a more convenient location.

A Single Negative Experience Can Tarnish Your Practice’s Reputation

Reputation is paramount in any industry, and in the age of digital communication, news of a bad experience can spread quickly. A staggering 95% of customers share their bad experiences with a business, reaching an average of 15 people.

The importance of patient experience is undeniable. So, what steps are you taking to ensure your practice provides an unparalleled experience to your loyal patients and potential patrons?